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Cedarwin Blossomy Textiles Industrial Co., Ltd. P.O. Box 13-175, Tu Cheng Qingshuei, New Taipei City 236913, Taiwan 02-2261-0048 02-2261-8866 dawintex@dawintex.com China, S-E Asia, Europe, Others
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http://www.wintex.tw/images/corpimg.png http://www.wintex.tw/images/corpimg.png Cedarwin Blossomy Textiles Industrial Co., Ltd.

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Corporation Name:Cedarwin Blossomy Textiles Industrial Co., Ltd.
Services & Products:DaWintex
Business Hours:08:00-17:30
Person in Charge:Aarlin Chen


Functional Laminated Coating Fabrics

Cedarwin Blossomy Textiles Industrial Co., Ltd founded in 1992---Taiwan's
leading manufacturer and supplier of fancy functional fabrics for sportswear, outdoor and medical.
Our products cover the widest range of materials and finished in the textile fields,included Polyester,Nylon,Rayon,Cotton and function synthetically developed,fancy yarns with elastic and finished of breathable coated and lamination.

Bussiness Outlook:
Professional, qualified Q.A team,Innovation as well as strong
ability of R & D to ensure us offering our clients the best quality
fabrics in market trend at competitive price.

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Company Name:Cedarwin Blossomy Textiles Co.,Industrial Ltd.   
Mail Address:P.O.Box 13-175 Tucheng Qingshuei , NewTaipei City 236913,Taiwan
TEL:886-2-22610048 FAX:886-2-22618866 
E-mail: dawintex@dawintex.com & wintex@cedarwin.com
--- Functional Laminated Fabrics for Sportswear/Outdoor/Medical/Housewares/Horse Cloth ---

Services: Horse Cloth,Bonded ,Fur,Glid Sheet,Lamination Coating,Wicking,Housewares,Medical

Shipping & Payment

Merchandise Shipping:Postal Delivery
Service Zone:China, S-E Asia, Europe, Others